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The color star business covers 23 provinces, 4 municipalities, 2 special administrative regions,
5 autonomous regions and even seven continents and four oceans.


Six major advantages

10 years of production design experience

Professional production, wholesale, retail, production, maintenance, maintenance, installation, commissioning, single and double color, full color LED display.


Branded Advantages

Focus on the development and promotion of application technology in the display field, and provide indoor/outdoor full-color LED display product suppliers.

Product Advantages

The company's flagship product, indoor / surface mount three-in-one HD degree LED full color display, outdoor HD plug-in / patch LED full color display, indoor and outdoor rental LED display...


Production Advantage

Rich experience, with great engineering implementation, successfully established a color star photoelectric brand.

Service Advantage

Within 24 hours after super fast reaction, solution company main products: performance, characteristic, innovation, and advanced.


Customized personalized solutions for you.


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